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A specialist range of recycling bins and litter bins for external and internal use

Leafield is a leading manufacturer provider of Recycling Bins and Recycle Solutions including indoor and outdoor recycle bins, litter bins and novelty bins. We also provide sustainable recycling solutions for local councils and schools.

We work closely with customers to provide the very best solutions for litter and waste collection. Recycling is an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and save on landfill waste costs.

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  • BP Spain rolls out New Forecourt Amenity Units
    BP Spain rolls out New Forecourt Amenity Units

    New Viscount Forecourt Amenity Units, from Leafield Environmental, have recently been installed across BP’s network of service stations throughout Spain, each combining a litter collection receptacle with a paper towel dispenser and a glove dispenser. 

  • Designing the right solutions
    Designing the right solutions

    Leafield Environmental has designed and manufactured a range of recycling bins with some of the top universities within the UK. 

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